Coriander Honey



Coriander honey is produced by honey bees harvesting and processing the nectar from the cilantro plant, more commonly known as coriander. Usually, the seeds of the plant are referred to as “coriander”, while the plant is called “cilantro”. Despite this, people often confuse and say coriander to describe the whole plant and its produce. Naturally coriander honey comes from countries with high productions/exports of coriander, as bees including honey bees are brought in to pollinate their cilantro crops. A by-product of that pollination is coriander honey, which is often sold and distributed locally and worldwide depending on the size of the operation. Coriander (cilantro) is grown in many parts of the world, and some of the biggest exporters include; India, China, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, Tanzania and Bulgaria.

DSD Merchandizers ethically keep bees to produce the best raw honey. We partners with responsible, ethical beekeepers & take pride in the ethical treatment of bees. We welcome you to view all of our varieties of honey to find one you will absolutely love.

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