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Assortment of Honey

For different variety of Honey, careful arrangements are made for the bees to collect pollen and nectar from respective flowers to enable the Bees to produce Honey in separate beehives which are kept at places where these flowers grow. Every jar of our honey receives our full dedication and passion. Whenever you buy Del Safe Prakritik (Natural) Honey), we guarantee that it is 100% pure, natural, and great-tasting.

Flowers of any particular variety are seasonal, so availability of any such variety of Honey depends on season of its growth.



  • Multiflora Honey
    Naturally produced by Honey bees from multiple flowers. It has stimulating medicinal properties for effective treatment of Cold, Cough and flu, as it is rich with antioxidant and antibacterial.


  • Eucalyptus Honey
    Eucalyptus Honey is produced by Honey Bees Nector taken from flowers grown on Eucalyptus trees, which are known for there most useful and essential oils being consumed by the humans. Thus, Eucalyptus Honey stimulating properties e.g. anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, antiseptic and antibacterial, which help for Nasal Congestion Relief & Insomnia Cure with several other health benefits.


  • Mustard Sarson
    Mustard (Sarson) honey is a rich source of minerals, e.g. calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. It is lower in cholesterol level and good for treatment of sore throat and cough and improve Cardiovascular Health.




  • Coriander (Dhania) Honey
    Coriander (Dhania) Honey is best cure of constipation, colic, gastritis and ulcers. It is rich with Immune-boosting antioxidants. It help to lower blood sugar and thus benefit heart health. It also promote digestion and gut health, and Fight infections and also protect skin.


  • Ajwain Honey

Honey Bees extract Nectar from Ajwain flowers. Ajwain honey is known for curing indigestion and stomach pain, cold, cough and gastric troubles. It strengthens immune system. 




  • Acacia (Khair) Honey
    Acacia-Khair is a deciduous, thorny tree Plant is called khair (katha) in Hindi Acacia (Khair) honey is of much lighter colour in appearance with sweet taste of floral aroma. The popularity of Acacia Honey is its nutrient value and its ability to Crystallize slowly. It has rejuvenating properties that boost the body’s immunity in general and also strengthen the respiratory system.




  • Sidr (Ber) Honey
    Sidr(Ber) Plant is known as Plant of Paradise and its fruits, leaves, roots and bark are used for various treatments. Sidr Honey is sweet with an unparalleled flavor. It is very efficient against liver diseases. It is known to cure skin diseases and diabetes. Honey Bees collect Nector from flowers grown on Sidr Plants. Its many earthly uses include disinfecting wounds, healing skin diseases.



  • Barsim Honey
    Barsim honey is sweeter and  is darker in colour. It is generally included in the diet, as it is rich in Vitamins and minerals and amino acids and helps to maintain a healthy digestive system. It is refreshing and sooths sore throat.


  • Lychee Honey
    Lychee Honey is a great source of dietary fiber, protein and plyphenolic compound, which makes it an energizing fruit. It is also helpful in digestive issues, helps in improving blood circulation and protect the body from various diseases.
  • Jamun Honey
    Honey Bees collect Pollen & Nectar from flower of Jamun Fruit Tree. Traditionally Jamun is known to have benefits for treatment of diabetes and it is called as Nature’s natural antibiotic. Thus, the Jamun Honey is known to possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Jamun Honey is always good for health and to boost Immune System.


  • Bee Pollen
    Bee Pollen granules are all natural with absolutely no additives – all of its enzymes are left intact, providing a rich source of Vitamins, minerals and amino acids, It is mildly sweet and with floral taste. The Bee Pollen can be added to cereals, yogurts or any of your favorite diet everyday.



  • Honey-Comb
    Honey Bees prepares a Honey-Comb inside the Beehives to save its Honey from getting spilled. It is made with Bee-wa which is also produced by the Bees. Thus, Honey-Comb is full of Honey, which is highly tasteful when cut in pieces, which can be chewed to extract Honey out of it. This is most luscious natural delicacy. Every bite of Honey-Comb is sumptuous. Honey in Honey-Comb is absolute raw and in pure form, as all of its nutrients remain intact in it and not removed from its “natural packaging” i.e. Honey-Comb. The nutrients of Pollen, Nectar remain in the Comb waiting to be unlocked and eaten.


  • Honey with Almond
    Honey with Almond is the perfect blend of nutrition in daily meals.
  • It is packed with the Power of Almonds and loaded with the goodness of delicious Honey.
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